JetKeg Tap Backpack
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Keg in a Backpack

JetKeg Tap Backpack

Super cool back pack that houses a chilled pressurized keg to dispense drinks on the go

£ 90.00 GBP
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  • Usually ready in 2-4 days

  • Pickup available on request

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JetKeg Tap Backpack

Any drink dispensed on the go - Beer in a back pack!


  • Jet pack backpack
  • 10L mini keg
  • Co2 Bottle for 5 refills

Pouring Capacity: 1 pint per 30 seconds

The JetKeg is a product that enables you to walk through a crowd and dispense a whole keg in far less time than what it would take for each person to come up to the bar.  It's a backpack designed to dispense and keep a keg cold.

Great for parties, public events, caterers, or any even that requires many drinks to be dispensed in a short period.

Ever been to a music festival and wanted to take your awesome kegged product but cant be bothered luging around all the gear.  The JetKeg solves this problem.  Turn up to the event with one of these and you will be an instant legend.

This product has been designed with durable buckles, strong nylon straps, waist strap and fully hot tape seamed internal lining that is waterproof so no dripping water all over the floor.

Other information: Keg will need to be filled with pre chilled drinks if you wish to dispense cold. If you wish to fill from a larger keg you will require a dispense tap rig to fill this. The dispense rig can fill a 10 L keg in 5 minutes.

We do not use couriers unless otherwise stated. All deliveries are made by experience trained technicians.

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Standard Delivery Route 8am - 6pm Monday to Friday

  1. Delivery only, from £72inc VAT
  2. Delivery, setup & installation from £90inc VAT
  3. Delivery, setup & installation, collection from £108inc VAT

Extras & Out Of Hours Deliveries

  1. Timed delivery/collection slot? £78inc VAT each
  2. Weekend or out of hours delivery/collection? £132 inc VAT each includes timed slot
  3. Are you in a central London? Add £27 inc VAT each
  4. Are you in a exhition centre? £54inc VAT each
  5. Do you need an onsite technician for an event? POA

Collection From Depot

  1. Customer Collect & Return – Appointment only from our unmanned premises in Edenbridge TN8 5DJ £30incVAT

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