Terms & Conditions

Updated on April 14, 2023


“The Client” means the person, their employees, agents, company, corporation, pubic authority or body seeking to hire, lease or purchase equipment from Rent a Keg
“Dry Hire” means the hire of Equipment only where the installation and commissioning is completed by the Client
“Equipment” means the hired items referred to in the order/lease agreement and/or services to be supplied by Rent a Keg


  1. General
  2. Delivery
  3. Purchase
  4. Short Term Hire (Up to 3 months)
  5. Lease Contract Hire 6, 12 & 24 Months


  1. All goods must be signed off by the customer.
  2. Customers whose rental goods are not available at agreed collection times are liable for a collection fee equal to the initial fee for delivery, setup & collection, if a second call out has to made.
  3. Agreement: Rent a Keg will issue a digital contract of hire agreement (order form), which the client shall accept digitally with the signature of the client and necessary payment. No booking is confirmed until the signed agreement and full invoice payment have been received by Rent a Keg and Rent a Keg has confirmed its acceptance to the client in writing. Orders are accepted subject to equipment being available at the time of order.
  4. Force Majeure: Rent a Keg reserves the right should unforeseeable circumstances arise to substitute any equipment for another of similar specification, but in the event of Rent a Keg having no similar equipment available, Rent a Keg shall be entitled to terminate the Agreement where upon Rent a Keg shall refund the deposit or full amount paid for set equipment to the Client. The Client shall not be entitled to any other payment by way of compensation from the Company.
  5. Payment Terms: Unless agreed otherwise in writing the full balance must be paid before the date of delivery. If payment in full is not received by Rent a Keg before the date of delivery, the Client will be deemed to have terminated the Agreement and will be liable to cancellation charges as set out above.
  6. Liability to Third Parties: Rent a Keg will not be liable for any claim for personal injury, death, loss or damage to property howsoever caused unless it is proved that such injury was caused by faulty material, workmanship or negligence on the part of Rent a Keg.
  7. Frustration: Rent a Keg shall not be responsible for any failure in the performance of any of its obligations under the Agreement caused by factors outside of its control, including but not restricted to, trade disputes, fire, Act of God, War, civil emergencies, failure, breakdown or restrictions on the use of transport, fuel or power.
  8. Venue Damage: The client agrees that damage caused to a private venue as a result of a guest is not the responsibility of Rent a Keg. Rent a Keg recommends suitable ground covering to protect the flooring beneath. Rent a keg will not be held responsible for damage caused by spilt drink and or rust marking caused by equipment sitting in spilt drink.
  9. Abuse & Mistreatment of Staff & Equipment: if Rent a Keg staff are at any time under verbal or physical abuse, or if we feel that the Equipment has been misused and are no longer following health and safety rules, Rent a Keg reserve the right to remove the equipment with no reimbursement to the client.
  10. Clients’ Conditions: Unless otherwise agreed in writing by Rent a Keg these conditions shall override any Terms or Conditions stipulated, incorporated or referred to by the Client in his order or negotiations.
  11. Digital Photographs Disclaimer: We reserve the right to publish digital images (photographs) of your hire package and or purchase from us on our internet site and across our social media channels. If you do not wish for photographs to be used, please contact us and we will note and respect this request. All pictures taken by Rent a Keg staff are copyright of Rent a Keg


  1. General Timings: Whilst every effort is made to ensure our timely arrival at your venue, in the event of uncontrollable circumstances our liability shall be limited to extended hire of equipment to recover any lost time from the delayed start.
  2. Order Satisfaction: The Client must satisfy themselves at the time of delivery that all items ordered have been delivered and our attention should be drawn to any miscounts, omissions or damages prior to our delivery driver departing the delivery address.
  3. Site Access, Parking & Tolls: We require a safe access to the site which meets environmental health standards. Parking expenses will be charged back to the client or billed in advance. Parking tickets obtained through the operators incorrect parking will not be paid by the client; however, some venues have a 20-minute unloading time which is unrealistic for equipment rentals requiring certified installation. Tickets obtained while unloading at such sites will be charged back to the client. Tickets obtained due to the Client not providing parking will also be passed to the client.


  1. Stock Purchase: All stock supplied by Rent a Keg, left on the date of equipment collection will be collected by Rent a Keg unless claimed by the client as stock can spoil.
  2. Usage Dates: The client accepts responsibility to ensure that kegs & purchased consumables must be used within their best before date and once opened within the breweries recommend time frame. Please ask us for clarification if required, it is the client’s responsibility to seek further advice if they are unsure following delivery.
  3. Sale or Return for kegs is only applicable if agreed in advance. The kegs then can only be returned if collected within 5 days of original delivery date and the kegs are sealed and unopened. The refund will be processed within 14 days minus any agreed handing charges, usually £40+VAT per keg.
  4. Opened Products: We cannot refund any open keg, bottle or container under ANY circumstances.
  5. Equipment Refund Policy: If equipment has been installed by a Rent a Keg technician, no refunds are available. Equipment specified under warranty at time of purchase will be replaced at equipment cost only and does not include any labour which will be charge at extra cost.

Short Term Hire (Up to 3 months)

  1. Safety Guide & Usage: The Client must read the “Safety & Usage guide of the draught system” and familiarise themselves with the draught pressure system(s).
  2. Draught System Usage: The client has sole responsibility of the control of using the draught equipment and associated pressure system. He/she does not necessarily use the equipment in a personal capacity, but has the authority and responsibility to specify who may/may not use the equipment. He/she is in charge of readying the system for use and turning off the system after use.
  3. All equipment, bars lost or broken will be automatically charged at replacement cost. This includes any losses incurred while goods are in client’s possession during the contracted rental period.
  4. All glassware hired shall be charged at cost to the client if damaged, broken or lost.
  5. Cleaning: The hirer is responsible to make sure that all dry hire equipment hired must be returned clean as it came with the exception of glassware and drink product lines which may be returned dirty (Lines inside taps and coolers included). A cleaning levy for bars and equipment returned dirty maybe applied if necessary
  6. Missing Equipment: Where products are missing at collection point, rental fees at stipulated rates will be charged to the customer on a weekly basis until the product is returned or until the replacement value of the product has been reached. Whichever occurs first
  7. Damage: Any damage that occurs to Rent a Keg equipment during a hire period that is not caused by a Rent a Keg member of staff is at the liability of the client and will be subject to a repair or replacement charge at the current market value. Insurance of the equipment is the responsibility of the Client.
  8. System Issue or failure: If there is a problem with the system the emergency number must be called right away in order to report the fault. If this is not possible, the system must be left on and the collection technician notified. Failure to do this will result no compensation being paid to the client if there were a fault.
  9. Cancellation Charges for Short Term Hire: Please note that all deposits are non-refundable. If the Client cancels the Agreement earlier than eight weeks before the date of the Delivery Period, no charge shall be made by Rent a Keg to the Client but the deposit will be retained by Rent a Keg. If the Client cancels the Agreement within 8 weeks of the date of the Hire Period, the Client shall be liable to pay the order charge in full to Rent a Keg.
  10. Power Supply: We may require power for our equipment. In this event we will require the use of the Clients sockets.
  11. Inspection: The Client shall permit any person authorised by Rent a Keg at all reasonable times to enter upon the premises upon which the equipment is for a time being placed or kept for the purpose of inspecting and examining the condition of the equipment.
  12. The Client is responsible for all equipment hired from Rent a Keg from time of delivery to date of collection, any loss or damage will be charged to the client at replacement cost, no substitutes will be accepted.

Lease Contract Hire – 6, 12 & 24 Months

  1. No Title to Hirer: The equipment is hired by Rent a Keg to the Client for the Hire Period at the Hire Charge set out in the order Agreement and the Client shall be a mere bailey of the equipment and no interest or title in the equipment shall pass to the Client. This Agreement is personal to the Client and is not capable of assignment for sub-hire nor may the Client part with possession of the equipment.
  2. Loss & Damage: The client will assume all risk of loss and damage to the equipment provided by Rent a Keg Ltd and is responsible for insuring set equipment based on its full replacement value. Any loss or damage to the equipment will be invoiced to the client for the full value of replacement which will be payable on receipt. The client is responsible for immediately notifying Rent a Keg of any Loss or Damage.
  3. Inspection: The Client shall permit any person authorised by Rent a Keg at all reasonable times to enter upon the premises upon which the equipment is for a time being placed or kept for the purpose of inspecting and examining the condition of the equipment.
  4. Default: The Client will be in default under the Lease contract if: The client fails to make a monthly payment on the due date; A bankruptcy, receivership or insolvency is initiated by the Client or against the Client; A creditor or government authority seizes the assets; The client has misrepresented personal or financial information; The client is no longer living; The equipment is stolen or damaged beyond repair; The client breaches any other term within these conditions; In the event that the Client defaults under this Lease, the Client will be required to pay the amounts applicable to the vehicle during the remainder of the Term. If the Client defaults under this Lease, Rent a Keg will pursue remedies outlined in the Lease agreement and set terms and conditions, in addition to any other remedies allowed by law. If the Client defaults, Rent a Keg may terminate the Lease agreement, and may recover equipment and sue the Client for damages.
  5. Maintenance: The Client is responsible for day to day maintenance of the equipment such as cleaning the surfaces of equipment and making sure there are not obstructions to air ways of equipment.
  6. General Provisions: The Lease may not be assigned to a third party without the prior written consent and approval from Rent a Keg; The Lease may only be amended or modified by written instrument executed by both parties to this Lease; All costs, expenses and expenditures including, and without limitation, the complete legal costs incurred by enforcing this Lease as a result of any default by the client, will be added to the amount then outstanding and will immediately be paid by the Client; The clauses and paragraphs contained in these terms and conditions and or Lease agreement are intended to be read and construed independently of each other. If any part of this document or the lease agreement is held to be invalid, this invalidity will not affect the operation of any other part of this Lease.
  7. Cancellation: If the Client wishes to cancel the Lease agreement and arrange for the return of the equipment, then the remaining term to the contractual end date of the lease agreement will be invoiced in full and must be settled before return or collection of equipment.
  8. Lease Agreement Roll Over: If for any reason equipment can not be collected within 7 days of the end of the lease agreement, then Rent a Keg will continue to invoice the lease agreement full monthly payment until the equipment has been collected and or all outstanding invoices have been settled.


Available by appointment only Monday - Sunday 8am - 9pm

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to questions we regulary get asked. If you can't find an answer, feel free to contact us or use the chat function below.

How can I contact you after office hours?

If you have an existing booking with us and you need to contact us, in an emergency, after office hours please call the phone number provided on your booking confirmation. This number is linked directly to the manager on duty. Please note that we cannot answer any sales queries on this number.

Where do you serve?

Our daily driver routes cover the South East of the UK however we do travel Nationwide for bespoke jobs. There will be a associated delivery cost for extra travel time and fuel. For simple keg & equipment purchases, we can also palletise self-setup/install orders.

How much is delivery?

Prices for hand delivery start from £72 for our standard delivery area, cheaper than most pallet companies! This covers all of the M25, Brighton, and up to 30 miles from our base in Edenbridge & Aylseford. Further a field is charged at an additional rate. Our cheapest multi-delivery route runs Monday to Friday, 8am to 6pm. Dedicated deliveries are available at additional cost outside these times everyday 24/7, excluding Christmas and New Year's day.

For a quick quote please shop products on our website, adding them to your shopping basket. Once you're happy you can check out and select delivery options and then request a full quoation and delivery availability.

When will my equipment be delivered?

Our standard delivery routes are Monday to Friday 8am to 6pm. On the day of your delivery you will receive email or text alerts for your delivery time and driver, and tracking will be available.

If you require a dedicated timed delivery/collection slot and/or weekend delivery/collection slot, these are available at extra cost subject to availability. Rates are reflective of single technician labour and transport for the dedicated install.

Can you move the equipment once installed to allow for pickup from an alternate address?

Yes, however depending on the distance between the original delivery address and new collection address, the rate may differ.

Can I collect from your depot in West Kent?

Absolutley. However the premises is un-manned and therefore is by appointment only. This can be between 8am - 9pm, Monday to Saturday with the occasional Sunday availability.

For all equipment collections we do charge a small fee to cover equipment prep charge which includes setup, testing and demonstration. This also ensures that a technician will be available on your collection.

Do I need to prepare anything for delivery of equipment?

In short yes. We will always require working plug sockets within 1m of where the equipment will be set up. We also require the space and access to be clear for set up. To find out more about how delivery works as well detailed information about whats needed for a bar or tap setup, please visit our Info Centre

Why is it important that the gas system is installed correctly by a competent person?

Draught systems are made up of a closed gas pressure system which must be installed in accordance with the British Beer & Pub Association Pressure Code of Examination, by a competent person working to a written scheme of examination. If this has not be done it may likely void any insurance you may have. We provide a "Safety & Usage Guide of a Draught System" to all of our customers to ensure proper usage.

Why do you use flash cooling equipment over Kegerators?

If you bought a celebration cake would you serve it with a chainsaw? Probably not. So why would you serve kegged beer using equipment that will change how it is supposed to taste and pour? As we install exactly to brewery specification we use flash coolers and fully closed pressure systems that allow us to make the adjustments required for each individual product. Table top coolers and kegerators have limitations and require additional equipment to serve most beers correctly to brewery specification. They also have limited cooling control which can create issues when pouring at high capacity. Whilst they have their place for certain products such as KeyKegs, that are not supported by national size breweries.

Whats the difference between a beer tap and a beer pump?

People in general use many phrases to name dispense taps. A beer tap is used for kegs whilst the term beer pump was originally associated with hand pull pump systems for Real Ale Cask systems. The key differences between them are beer taps use gas to pressurize the system where as a beer pump uses a hand pull pump to suck beer from the cask.

How do you setup a keg system?

Check out our Info Centre for helpful instructional videos and downloadable written instructions.

What if I have a problem with my Rent a Keg setup?

Our technicians will test and demonstrate the equipment on-site. We will provide you with an out-of-hours phone number that you can use in emergencies. There are also plenty of useful troubleshooting tips and guides in our our Info Centre. In the very rare case of equipment failure we will attend site to get you up and running again.

How much power does the equipment consume?

When you receive your quote it will detail which items need a plug as well as how much power they consume. The cooling equipment is very effecient with most coolers ony using 800watts of power to 1200watts depending on the size of the cooler.

How big are the kegs and gas bottles?

Always allow an extra 200mm in height to connect the keg coupler:
50L Keg (standard size) H535mm x W394mm (sizes vary slightly from keg size
30L Keg H350mm x W406mm
30L KeyKeg H572mm x W300mm
10kg Gas Bottle H910mm x W140mm
Please visit our Info Centre for handy videos about our products

How much space is required?

Please visit our Info Centre for useful videos that describe our products, the space required for them as well as other helpful explanations such as how they work and what power maybe required.

How much does a keg cost with equipment hire?

It's simple:
1. We charge per keg as per the prices on the website, however prices are set by brewers and can be subject to change so please request availability for an accurate quote
2. We charge per tap system as a full equipment package with associated accessories such as cooler and gas.
3. We charge a delivery rate based on location, time and date.

Looking for just the kegs? No problem either, we supply keg only deliveries too.

What if I have my own Kegs and just require the equipment?

No problem at all. We can supply tap packages for use with your own kegs. Please visit the taps section of the website.

How can I pay?

We accept bank transfer and debit or credit cards. The card holder must provide proof of ID on delivery which must match the paying debit or credit card.

For lease hire we use a direct debit scheme or re-occuring card payments.

What are your payment terms?

All payments are required before delivery of goods or services. We do allow deposit payments of 25% for orders 120 days in the future with the balance payable 14 days in advance of delivery, however please note that drinks prices are subject to change up to 30 days before your order delivery date.

Do you offer sale or return?

Yes, although not all products such as keg to order items (cocktails, some beers, etc) or imports such as German lager. There is also a charge of £40+VAT per keg to return them to the brewery of origin. This fee is negotiable for large orders by pallet quantity. Kegs are refunded within 48 hours from return once you have agreed your credit note and provided us with refund details. If you have kegs left over please email us your bank details in advance to speed up the refund process. Sale and return must be agreed in advance of order due to brewery returns process.

Do you offer bulk buy discounts for kegs?

Yes we do, however as kegs are already a wholesale product, discounts are only applicable for 12 kegs or more. This is also subject to type of product and the availability within the market.

How long does a keg last once opened?

This really comes down to how the keg is stored and what product is in the keg. For example, keeping a keg in a chilled cellar or using keg chilling equipment will vastly improve its shelf life. However, as guidance based on a standard room temperatures, lager varies between 2 and 4 weeks, depending on the beer type and gas used. Cider lasts for up to 3 months if stored correctly, prosecco up to 1 month and cocktails vary from 4 - 6 weeks. These times increase by weeks if chilling the kegs below 11 degrees. Every product in general is different due to the ingredients used, so please contact us to check your product open life if needed when ordering from us.

What beer taps do you have available for hire?

We have the largest selection of beer tap styles than any other keg hire company in the UK! We have branded fonts for many of the breweries and a huge selection of stylish chrome taps. For large events requiring 10 or more taps, we can even supply brand new branded fonts, perfect for festivals and large corporate functions. Get in touch if you want to discuss options.

I can’t find a product on your website, can you still supply it?

Chances are if it comes in a keg, we can source it! Please contact us or use the chat function on our website.

What coupler connection type do I need?

Please browse the kegs on our website to view the type of keg coupler you will require. If you can't find what you're looking for, please contact us

What gas do I need for my kegs?

Please browse the kegs on our website to view the type of gas you will require. Many kegs can support different types of gas. KeyKegs can use any gas as it does not come into contact with the drink, using a bag in a keg design. If you can't find what you're looking for, please contact us

Why does my drink need to be cooled?

Keg drinks need to be cooled for a number of reasons. Firstly, refrigeration helps to slow down the natural process of spoilage, which can be accelerated by higher temperatures. When kegs are stored at warmer temperatures, it becomes more susceptible to bacteria growth and other contaminants that can affect its flavour, aroma, and overall quality. Additionally, cooler temperatures help to preserve the carbonation, which is an important aspect of its taste and texture. Drinks that are too warm may lose its fizz and taste flat. Finally, serving at the right temperature can enhance a drinks flavour profile and make it more enjoyable to drink.

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